There’s an App for that – Introducing Sanvello

Imagine having a tool on your phone or other mobile device that can help with stress, anxiety, and depression on-demand. As part of your employee assistance program benefits, the Sanvello App is now FREE for NOAH employees. Sanvello utilizes clinical techniques including:

  • Daily Mood Tracking: Answer simple questions each day to capture your current mood, identify patterns, and self-assess your progress.
  • Coping Tools: Reach for the right tool to relax, be in the moment, or manage stressful situations like test-taking, public speaking, or morning dread.
  • Guided Journeys: Designed by experts for a range of needs, journeys use clinical techniques to help you feel more in control and build long-term life skills.
  • Personalized Progress: Through weekly check-ins, Sanvello creates a roadmap for improvement. Track where you are, set goals, and make strides week by week.
  • Community Support: Connect with a large peer community to share advice, stories, and insights – anonymously, anytime.

To start using Sanvello, simply visit, enter company access code: NOAH, and select the Sanvello tile under tools to download the app.

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