News from Workplace & Public Safety Committee

In early June, NOAH leadership shared our dedication to building a safe and prepared workforce and workplace. As part of that we are launching a Workplace & Public Safety Committee – made up of members of our Quality, Security, and Facilities teams – to review and update the safety and security of employees, patients, and others visiting NOAH location.

The Workplace & Public Safety Committee began this work with Employee Safety Forums held at our health centers recently. Throughout June and July, the committee will be conducting Workplace and Public Safety Trainings at all NOAH locations. After those trainings the committee will review best practices and initiatives to keep ahead of any threats to NOAH and our community.

All NOAH team members can get involved with this effort by:

  • Gaining an understanding and awareness of workplace violence & public safety by attending one or more trainings, including:
    • Active Shooter Awareness Training
    • Fentanyl Response Training
    • Dealing with People in Crisis Training
  • Making suggestions on workplace safety improvements
  • Reporting any safety or security concerns (See Something, Say Something™)

For more information or to get involved, please contact NOAH Security Services at 602-786-0679 or

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