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The Strategic Initiatives and Project Management department has some positive and exciting changes to share.  These changes will help elevate the organization’s strategic thinking, encourage financial discipline, and allow for clear tracking of the impact these initiatives have on NOAH as a whole.

A summary of these changes include:

  1. The New Initiative and Business Plan Intake Form is available to all employees on The NOAH Beat under “Quick Links”  
  2. All requests will need to go through the Intake Form to determine if a business plan is needed, and to receive Project Management support
  3. Any initiative that requires a business plan will receive IT and Accounting recommendations prior to receiving final approval from the Chiefs
  4. All initiatives will have to produce trackable outcomes to measure level of impact on the organization  

All these changes will help enhance our One Team effort by encouraging engagement and accountability from our teams as we strive together to accomplish our goals.

The Strategic Initiatives and Project Management team will continue to train leaders as they onboard.  Please reach out to our department should you need additional education or have any questions.   

Strategic Initiatives and Project Management Team contacts:

Victoria Terpstra:

Sandy Gonzalez:

Krystal Lamb:

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