1st Quarter Incentive Plan Outcomes

The first quarter of 2022 is behind us and Incentive Plan results are in for Q1. The NOAH team was collaborative and successfully exceeded incentive goals in two of the three areas!

A requirement of receiving Incentive Plan payments, however, is meeting a 3% Operating Margin based on the revenue generated throughout the quarter and unfortunately NOAH did not meet our 3% Operating Margin. Our Chief Financial Officer Julia Karl explains about all of this in her article Operating Margin 101. Therefore, quarterly incentive payments will not be made for Q1.

Below are details on our Q1 performance and progress. Please reach out to any member of the Incentive Committee listed at the bottom with any questions or suggestions about the incentive plan.

Integrated Care – Met/Exceeded Goal

Integrated Care Goals: Q1 – 17%; Q2 – 22%; Q3 – 27%; Q4 – 30%
  • Q1 Goal – 17%; Q1 Actual – 22.4%
  • NOAH Efforts for Integrated Care:
    • Director of Specialty Operations, Annette Betancur leads Integrated Care Measure Subgroup comprised of leadership from Medical, BH, Nutrition, and Quality Improvement to maximize impact on our integrated measure.
    • Director of Clinical Quality Improvement, Chris Sweeney led Quality Improvement exercise to identify actionable items. Completed initial work including a prioritization matrix.
    • In Process: increasing provider buy-in, developing marketing materials, reviewing/enhancing check-out process, etc.
SDoH Screening Goals: Q1 – 40%; Q2 – 50%; Q3 – 60%; Q4 – 70%

SDoH Food Insecurity Screening – Met/Exceeded Goal

  • Q1 Goal – 40%; Q1 Actual = 46.5%
  • NOAH Efforts for Food Insecurity Screenings:
    • A Champions Teams was formed with representation from each service line to help with screening efforts.
    • Request was made to allow all service lines to have access to SDoH screening wheel on their service boards.
    • Decision made to update UDS to include SDoH questions about food, housing, transportation, and financial needs.

Quality Measures – Goal Not Meet

  • Diabetic Management Poor Control: Q1 Goal – under 40%; Q1 Actual – 56%
  • Colorectal Cancer Screening: Q1 Goal – 45%; Q1 Actual – 41%
  • BMI Screening Children/Adolescent: Q1 Goal – 60%; Q1 Actual – 28%
  • NOAH Efforts for Quality Measures:
    • Created one team focused on Quality Measure to streamline efforts between Incentive and Strategic Plans and report out.
    • Assigned one person to own each quality metric progress.
    • Colorectal screening campaign in the month of March.
    • Creating tip sheets to be disseminated to providers and MAs.
    • Colorectal screening program piloted at Midtown with 20-25% return rate.
    • Weekend nurse triage team contacting patients who have diabetes and have not had A1C in 6 months. Setting up virtual care labs, medications and follow-up appointments.

Incentive Plan Committee Members

The Incentive Committee has broad representation from all departments at NOAH. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the Incentive Plan, please connect with the Incentive Plan Committee Member from your department.

  • Wendy Armendariz, CEO
  • Stephanie Olzinski, Dietitian Supervisor
  • Brooke Dyrhaug, Patient Experience Coach Analyst
  • Michael Pearson, Director of Marketing & Engagement
  • Perla Avila, Community Resource Manager
  • Brandy Riviezzo, BI Manager
  • Annette Betancur, Special Operations Director
  • Michelle Rehnberg, Practice Manager
  • Katelyn Millinor, Behavioral Health Quality Manager
  • Katrina Zamora, Scheduling Supervisor
  • Laura Redondo, Medical Records Supervisor
  • Dino Batanovic, Practice Manager
  • Margaret Wagner Smith, Senior Executive Assistant
  • Nicole Zahri, Behavioral Health Counselor
  • Denise Pasillas, Front Officer Supervisor
  • Dr. Jennifer Vanyo-Novak, Medical Director
  • Chris Sweeney, Director of Clinical Quality Improvement
  • Kerry Nickerson, Director of Population Health Management
  • Dr. Amit Jain, Pediatrician
  • Yadira Placencia, Registration/Scheduling Team
  • Victoria Terpstra, Project Specialist
  • Lauren Gonzalez, Front Office Supervisor
  • Nicole James, Director of Advanced Practice
  • Joy Golden, Behavioral Health Clinical Manager
  • Malikha Rankin, RN Manager – Nurse Navigation
  • Dr. Daniel Davis, Physician
  • Leslie Pina, Registration/Scheduling Team
  • Krystal Lamb, Project Specialist
  • Chris Devine, BI Analyst
  • Samantha Currier, Nurse Practitioner
  • Katy Reeve, Marketing & Communications Manager
  • Cristi Payne, Nurse Navigator
  • Diana Cardenas-Brito, MA II
  • Dr. Linda Eller, Physician
  • Sandy Gonzalez, Project Specialist
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