Benefits New Year Checklist!

Before we kick off the new year, all NOAH employees with benefits should run through this list of items. Make sure you have everything ready to go before new benefits begin on January 1, 2022.

Paycheck Confirmation

  • Check your first paycheck in 2022 to confirm that your deductions match your Open Enrollment confirmation.
    • If they do not match, notify HR immediately!


  • New ID Cards – Ameriben will be mailing new ID cards to all member with your new prescription benefits.
    • Provide your doctors and Pharmacy with your new ID card after 1/1.
    • If you do not receive your ID card by January 10th please notify HR.
    • You can still utilize your benefits without your new ID card but may need additional informaiton before picking up a prescription – contact HR.
  • Register for Teledoc once you receive your ID card so you are ready to use the services when you need them.
  • If you are currently utilizing Magellan Health for Mental Health services and your provider is no longer “in-network” please reach out to HR for a Transition of Care request form.
  • See here for how to create your Ameriben account after you receive your ID card.

Pharmacy – NavitusRX

  • Fill your current prescriptions prior to 1/1 to ensure any potential delays or disruption on 1/1 do not impact your medications.
  • Welcome packets explaining your new benefits, how to find check your medications, transfer prescriptions, complete Prior Authorizations and Step Therepy, etc. will be sent to members shortly.
  • Current Prior Authorizations and Step Therapy approvals will be grandfathered for the first 90 days fo 2022 but will need to be reapproved.
    • Contact Navitus after receiving Welcome packet to start this process with them and your doctor.
  • Specialty Medications will need to be moved to the new Specialty vendor Lumicera.

Dental – Delta

  • Two new ID cards with Employee name (Dependents names will not be included on card).
  • Provide new cards to dentists.
  • Try to avoid making an appointment with your dentist until you receive your ID cards.
    • If you do not receive your ID card by January 10th please reach out to HR.

Vision – VSP

  • No ID cards – Just provide your provider with your Identification and they can look you up.

Flexible Spending (F.S.A.)

  • Check your 2021 Balance – Submit your receipts to HonorHealth to reimburse yourself from your FSA
    • Receipts and reimbursement requests for claims incurred in 2021 must be submitted to Wex within the run-out timeframe set by HonorHealth.
  • New Debit cards from Wex will be sent from your new NOAH accounts.
    • All expenses after January 1 should use the new Debit card.

Health Savings Account (H.S.A)

  • Enrollees should watch for correspondence from HealthEquity.
    • You may be required to provide additional information to open your Health Savings Account.
    • Funds can not be deposited by NOAH until this is completed and claims are only eligible after the account is open.

Life Insurance

  • If you applied for over the Guarantee Issue amount or increased your election over the amount of Voluntary Life insurance you had with HonorHealth for yourself or your Spouse/Domestic Partner you need to complete an Evidence of Insurbility (EOI) form.
    • Once your EOI form has been submitted to The Hartford they will review for approval of any amounts over the guarantee issue amount.
      • Once your approval is received you will then be billed for the amount approved by The Hartford.
      • If you do not complete an EOI form you will not be insured for the new amount you applied for.
  • If you are not “actively at work”, meaning you are out of work due to an approved leave or time off, please contact HR about your Life Insurance Benefits.


  • If you are out on a disability prior to 1/1/2022 please reach out to HR for additional information on your transition.

 Discontinued HonorHealth policies

  • Watch your mail for information regarding opportunities from you current polices with HonorHealth to continue their coverage by paying premiums directly to the carriers.
    • You will have a very limited amount of time to respond if you would like to continue these policies.

For any additional questions, contact NOAH HR at

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