May Financial Dashboard

NOAH’s performance is measured in several key ways, including the number of patients we see, the comprehensive care we provide, and maintaining healthy financials. We are near the end of Quarter 2 of 2022 and our May financial numbers are in!

Below is the May Financial Dashboard from Chief Financial Officer, Julia Karl.

Financial Dashboard

MetricTargetMay 20223 Months Ago6 Months Ago
Days Cash on Hand9071123139
Current Ratio2.03.254.484.53
Operating Margin6%0%0%14%

Days Cash on Hand:   This measure increased this month as we started drawing on capital funds for Cholla!  We are anticipating being back  up to target by year-end.

Current Ratio:  NOAH’s Current Ratio remains strong.

Operating Margin:  NOAH’s Operating Margin shifted positively in May and is in line with budget!  If you remember, last month we were at -1%, so we have gained another 1% in May!  Continuing to push this to a 3% gain will be NOAH’s financial priority this year.

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