March Financial Dashboard

NOAH’s performance is measured in many ways; from the number of patients we see, to the comprehensive care we provide, to maintaining healthy financials. Below is the March Financial Dashboard from Chief Financial Officer, Julia Karl.

We have completed our 1st Quarter of 2022. It’s amazing to think back on all that we have accomplished in the first three months! The Dashboard for March has a few more colors on it this month compared to what we are used to seeing. Each of these measures should start to move back towards green in the 2nd and 3rd Quarters.

Financial Dashboard

Days Cash on Hand: NOAH’s Days Cash on Hand dropped this month. With NOAH’s new Payor Contracts going live in January, many of the plans have been slow to load resulting in delayed payments. Payments have been increasing each month and we expect to be back up to normal levels by the end of summer.

Current Ratio: NOAH’s Current Ratio remains strong and well above target.

Operating Margin: NOAH dropped back into a loss this month. Although this puts us behind budget, NOAH has a lot great things in the pipeline that will start to pay off towards the end of the 2nd Quarter. NOAH’s Operating Margin is impacted by either INCREASING Revenue or DECREASING Expense, so if you have any ideas to accomplish this, please share with your team! Check out this article for more details on how you can affect the Operating Margin.

If you have any questions about the Financial Dashboard, please reach out to Julia Karl or Elizabeth Lawson

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