January Financial Dashboard

NOAH’s performance is measured in many ways, from the number of patients we see, to the comprehensive care we provide, to maintaining healthy financials. Below is the January Financial Dashboard from Chief Financial Officer, Julia Nierad.

MetricTargetJanuary 20223 Months Ago6 Months Ago
Days Cash on Hand90126152180
Current Ratio2.04.14.796.21
Operating Margin6%-3%15%20%

Days Cash on Hand and Current Ratio remain strong as we kick-off the new year!  We have almost fully spent the Desert Mission Financing which is why you see the decrease in Cash on Hand over the past 6 months.

You will see NOAH did have an operating loss in January.  This was budgeted and not uncommon for NOAH to start the year this way.  Despite the loss, there is still A LOT to celebrate in January.  We were actually budgeted for a -4% loss in January, but as One Team, NOAH exceeded our budgeted encounters and our budgeted revenue targets putting us ahead of budget by +1%! 

Thank you for everyone’s efforts and flexibility as we endured another COVID surge and staffing shortages.  We are still hoping to swing the Operating Margin by the end of the first quarter so that we are eligible to payout Incentive if we meet those measures.  For the majority of our team, the best way to impact the operating margin to the positive is through patient revenue and encounters.  If you have any questions about how you can help, please connect with your leader!

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