NOAH’s 2022 Incentive Plan

NOAH rewards the way our team achieves meaningful, life-changing, and challenging goals. The 2022 Incentive Plan looks at several organizational and quality metrics that will have the NOAH team working together as One Team as we make real and lasting changes for our patients when we meet – and surpass – these metrics.

NOAH 2022 Incentive Plan Video

Integrated Care

Integrated care is the fabric of who we are at NOAH. When a patient comes to NOAH, we want them to receive the comprehensive services they need with us. When we incentivize Integrated Care, our patients win and our teams collaborate in a big way across all services lines.

Integrated Care Goal – to provide integrated care for the following percentage of our patients:

Q1: 17% of visits
Q2: 22% of visits
Q3: 27% of visits
Q4: 30% of visits

Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) – Food Insecurity

Many things outside of actual healthcare impact the health of an individual, something NOAH first put into practice in July 2020. Screening for Food Insecurity is the most effective way we have to identify social and economic needs of patients. This metric focuses on screening for Food Insecurity and submitting referrals to increase service levels to our community.

SDOH Goal – screening the following percentage of patients for food insecurity:

Q1: 40% of patients screened
Q2: 50% of patients screened
Q3: 60% of patients screened
Q4: 70% of patients screened

Quality Measures

NOAH’s 2022 Quality Metrics are tied directly to our FQHC designation through UDS metrics, as well as linked to reimbursement with AHCCCS (NOAH’s primary payor). These healthcare conditions can lead to additional diseases and risks for patients if left untreated.

Quality Measures for 2022 include:

Diabetes – Hemoglobin A1c poor Control >9 or no test
Q1: 40%
Q2: 38%
Q3: 36%
Q4: 32%

BMI – Nutrition and physical activity counseling for children and adolescents needing BMI improvement
Q1: 60%
Q2: 62%
Q3: 64%
Q4: 66%

Colorectal Cancer – Screenings recommended for patients 50+
Q1: 45%
Q2: 47%
Q3: 49%
Q4: 51%

Incentive payments are released quarterly and contingent on the organization maintaining a 3% operating margin as well as being in good financial health. Incentive payments are prorated based on achievement in each of the areas. The video above and the flyer below explain more details about the 2022 Incentive Plan!

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