NOAH Launches QuickCare

QuickCare is here! After months of planning, NOAH is thrilled to launch QuickCare for our new and established patients.

What Is QuickCare

QuickCare by NOAH is high-quality, virtual healthcare when our patients need it most. QuickCare providers can help patients with certain illnesses, minor injuries, or other acute medical needs.

Patients of all ages can see a QuickCare provider with either a video visit or a phone call depending on healthcare needs and the patient’s access to technology.

Providers will diagnose, schedule follow-up appointments, order prescriptions or lab work, and provide treatment and symptom management recommendations for QuickCare patients.

Who Can Use QuickCare?

Any existing NOAH patient can request a QuickCare appointment easily if their regular Primary Care Provider (PCP) is not available for their urgent medical or wellness need. New patients can also schedule with QuickCare and can schedule follow-up appointments with a NOAH provider if needed.

QuickCare will accept the same insurance plans as NOAH, and existing patients on SFS will have those rates with QuickCare as well.

How Does Someone Schedule a QuickCare Appointment?

New and existing patients with urgent health or wellness needs can call NOAH at 480-882-4545 for QuickCare.

QuickCare is virtual healthcare for urgent – not emergency – medical and wellness needs.

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