Going Above and Beyond for Patients

Mariela Lopez, Medical Assistant at Copperwood Health Center

No matter how hard we try to make our patients feel comfortable, medical appointments can be stressful. Mariela Lopez, Medical Assistant at Copperwood Health Center, goes the extra mile to add cheer to her patients’ visits. From singing in the nurses station to decorating her laptop with happy stickers, you can’t help but feel good around Mariela.

When white boards were recently installed in patient rooms at Copperwood, the team of Medical Assistants began decorating them with different motivational quotes. After seeing the patients’ favorable reactions, Mariela took this effort to the next level by creating a cheerful sign with positive thoughts for patients to tear off and take with them. These tiny slips of paper remind patients, even after they’ve left our health center, that they matter. It’s these small efforts that add up and make the difference in someone’s day. We’re proud that message comes from NOAH and applaud Mariela for her extra effort.

Positive Thoughts
Mariela Lopez

In last week’s Beat, we asked you to share examples of our NOAH team members creating great patient experiences! Please continue to submit these examples, with a photo if possible, to Brooke Dyrhaug to be featured in an upcoming Beat story.

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